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Check in the Map below if your area supports our Internet

This map cannot guarantee the availability of our internet services in any particular place,any time. That's because internet reception can be affected by things like building materials, tree cover and weather conditions. And remember, to use 4G you’ll need the right coverage for the plan you’re on, a compatible mobile device and an active Afrimax Data plan. Results are based on our site locations to a high confidence but are not error free.

Afrimax Coverage Map

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Frequently Asked Questions

Afrimax APN information. "APN: internet.pw.net". You add the APN in your Afrimax compatible device.

It is compatile with every mobile device with a 4G band 40. Mostly phones produced from the year 2019 to present day can connect to the Afrimax Network.

Afrimax’s internet data service is available in and around Blantyre City and surrounding areas Coverage is continually being expanded, refer to the coverage map above to know more.

Yes. Afrimax’s Unlimited Data Plans are truly, wholly and un-reservedly Unlimited, with respect to the volume of data available, for their entire validity period Each plan has a pre-defined daily volume delivered at a pre-defined Standard speed. This Standard speed is reduced once the pre-defined daily volume is reached When the daily (or 30-day) Standard data is exhausted, you are given unlimited Bonus data with reduced download and upload speeds according to your chosen data plan to enable you to stay connected Note that Afrimax also offers Fixed Data Plans that do not offer unlimited data, so please choose carefully

Afrimax SIM cards are provided free of charge on initial account activation; Replacements of lost or damaged SIM Cards are 1,000 (one thousand) Malawi Kwacha.