With Afrimax, you’ll never, ever run out of Internet data.

With 3 simple steps, you can be sure you’ll be connected to the Internet around the clock.


Decide how long you want your Afrimax Data Plan to last.

  • Your Data Plan can be valid for a range of time periods from 30 days up to 182 days.


Choose how fast you want your Standard daily or monthly data delivered.

  • Standard data is delivered at speeds all the way up to 16 Mbps


Pick how much daily or monthly Standard data you want.

  • You can have from ½ GB per day up to 48 GBs per day
  • You can also add NightShift: Unlimited Standard data for you to use 00:00 to 06:00 daily.

When you choose an Afrimax Data Plan you get…

Standard data

at speeds up to 16Mbps.

Bonus data

at speeds up to 4 Mbps after your Standard data is all used up.
Available daily until the end of your subscription’s validity.

NightShift data

at your Standard data speed between midnight and 0600 hours each day

(Optional add-on to your Bonus Data Plan.)

Afrimax Vista

Your personal self-service, online web portal to track your Afrimax services, data usage, invoices and payments.

What makes Afrimax Bonus Data Plans so good?

Daily Standard Internet data at speeds up to your chosen limit…
so you can budget more easily around the data you really need at Standard speed.
The option of Monthly Standard data…
so you can get all of your Standard data delivered in one go, at the beginning of your 30-day subscription if that suits you best.
Daily Bonus Internet data that is unlimited…
so you never, ever run out of data at any time during the validity period of your Afrimax data plan.
Daily NightShift Internet data at your Standard data speed…
so you only start using your Standard data at 0600 hours each day.

Why choose Afrimax?

Choose up to 48 GBs of Standard data per day at speeds of up to 16 Mbps. *1
Get Bonus (Unlimited) data once you’ve used up your daily or monthly Standard data *2
Add unlimited data at your Standard data speed from midnight to 0600 hours daily. *3
Enjoy coverage across Blantyre’s city centre and all major suburban areas.
Rent an Afrimax LTE device at our super-low price, or use your own.*4 *5
1. Afrimax’s Bonus (Unlimited) Data Plans offer standard LTE data allowances from ½ GB each day, at speeds of up to 16 Mbps. Afrimax Fixed Data Bundles are also available as an alternative and offer up to 40GBs of LTE data for 30-day validity;
2. Bonus (Unlimited) data is offered at reduced uplink and downlink speeds and is subject to Afrimax’s Fair Usage Policy (FUP);
3. NightShift data is available as an option for 30-day Bonus (Unlimited) Data Plans with daily Standard data for an extra 6,000 or 12,000 MWK (including taxes) per month (depending on the base Data Plan);
4. Participation in Afrimax’s customer premises equipment (CPE) right-to-use (RTU) scheme is subject to a minimum subscription prepayment (MSP) and a prepaid annual charge;
5. Afrimax provides a SIM card for delivery of its data services that remains its own property and must be returned upon termination of any subscription. Afrimax reserves the right to charge for lost or damaged SIM cards.

Get started now.

Don’t wait a minute longer. Choose an Afrimax Unlimited Data Plan now and stay connected to the Internet no matter how much data you use.