Afrimax Unlimited Broadband. 2GBs a day, each day, every day, for just 39,999/month!

Blistering fast, 4G/LTE Broadband for businesses and homes around Blantyre. Choose from ½GB, 1GB, 2GBs, 4GBs, 6GBs or 12GBs for you to use each day. Renews every day at midnight. And if you use all your allocation any day… no worries. You’re still connected, just at a slightly slower speed until you go back up to our full 3,072Kbps at midnight.

Choose the Plan that’s right for you.

Choose our Unlimited Data Plan that matches the number of people (or devices) that will be using your connection.

½GB, 1GB, 2GBs, 4GBs, 6GB or 12GB a day.

But even once you’ve chosen, you can actually use as much data as you like each day.

If you go over your Plan’s daily Data Download ceiling (½GB, 1GB, 2GBs, 4GBs, 6GB or 12GB on any day), you’ll still be connected to the Internet.

The only difference is that your connection speed, (normally our blistering fast 3072Kbps) will slow a little until midnight. Then it goes back to the full 3072Kbps.

Afrimax. Building Malawi’s future.

Afrimax is one of the big names in telecoms throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Now we’re bringing exciting unlimited data broadband, at a blisteringly fast 3072Kbps, to Blantyre.

As much data as you like each day, on a pre-paid Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly or Yearly subscription, provided via a fast 4G/LTE router.

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