Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help you get unlimited data broadband at an unbeatable price. If you have questions of any kind about our service, or how to use it, please check these FAQs. If you don’t find the answer you need, please fill out the form below.
Who is Afrimax?
  • Afrimax Limited (Malawi) is a mobile broadband network operator offering high-speed Internet Data via a high-quality 4G/LTE network;
  • Presently, Afrimax’s Broadband Internet Data service is available in and around City Centre, Blantyre, Malawi;
  • Afrimax has been operating in Malawi since December 2014 and is now expanding with an exciting new 4G/LTE Broadband Internet Data service for businesses and households.
What is Afrimax offering?
  • Afrimax is offering a Broadband Internet Data service that is wholly and completely UNLIMITED by data volume;
  • Customers select a plan based on the number of people sharing the Internet connection. We then deliver Unlimited usage, with a pre-defined daily volume delivered at a pre-defined broadband speed. This speed halves once the pre-defined daily volume is reached;
  • Afrimax’s Broadband Internet Data service is provided via a Router Access Device, which is sold at a price of 50,000 MWK.
How do I purchase my Afrimax Broadband Internet Data plan?
  • Step 1:Contact our sales team <[email protected]> who will make an appointment to visit the place of business or home where you intend to use Afrimax. You can also request a visit to sign up using this form;
  • Step 2: During the visit, we will demonstrate Afrimax’s Unlimited Broadband Internet Data service. If the experience meets our high standards, at your location, and you are happy to proceed, we will invite you to select and pay for one our Unlimited plans and have your personal details registered (as required by law). An Afrimax account will then be activated for you.
  • Step 3: Once your Afrimax account is active, you will be able to enjoy your Unlimited Broadband Internet Data from Afrimax.
What are Afrimax’s payment terms?
  • Afrimax offers the choice of monthly and quarterly pre-payment for its Broadband Internet Data service;
  • All prices quoted for Afrimax’s Broadband Internet Data plans are inclusive of Excite Duty, at 10%, and Value Added Tax, at 16.5%;
  • Payment may to be made by:
    • Electronic transfer or cash payment to bank account at Ecobank Malawi Limited. Details are Afrimax Limited (Malawi), Bank Account No.: 0010027002844301;
    • Banker’s cheque made payable to Afrimax Limited;
    • Electronic Point of Sale device via Debit or Credit card at Afrimax Limited’s offices or to your Afrimax Account Manager.
Where is Afrimax’s coverage?
  • Coverage of Afrimax’s Broadband Internet Data service is presently available in and around Blantyre City Centre and surrounding areas.
How do I renew my Afrimax Broadband Internet Data plan?
  • Please contact Afrimax <[email protected]> or contact your personal Afrimax Account Manager.
  • You can also visit submit an online request or visit our offices at: Third Floor, Chayamba Building, Victoria Avenue, Blantyre, Malawi.
How do I upgrade my Broadband Internet Data plan?
  • You can upgrade your chosen plan at any time. Simply contact your Afrimax Account Manager, by telephone or email, and request a Plan Upgrade;
  • Afrimax will calculate any credit available from your existing Plan, apply this to your new Plan and invite you to pay the difference;
  • Your new Afrimax Broadband Internet Data plan will then be activated without any interruption of service.
Who do I call for assistance or information regarding my account?
Please contact your Afrimax Account Manager or Afrimax Care using our Contact form .
Is Afrimax’s Broadband Data unlimited?
Yes. Afrimax’s Broadband Data is Unlimited for the entire duration of your Plan.
What is your returns policy?
We have a 7-day return policy on new device activations. All original equipment must be returned in new condition. The plan itself is not refundable, device only.
Is a Router or other Access Device required?
Yes. Afrimax’s Broadband Internet Data service is provided over a Router Access Device. This is provided rental free on some plans and for a monthly rental on other plans. In either case, payment of a fully refundable deposit of 50,000 Malawian Kwacha (MWK) is required.




How much is a SIM card?
  • Afrimax SIM cards are provided free of charge on initial account activation;
  • Replacements for lost or damaged SIM Cards are 5,000 (five thousand) Malawian Kwacha.
Can I use my own Router or Access Device with Afrimax?
You can Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)!

  • Unlocked 2300MHz TD-LTE device from your previous carrier;
  • LTE Band 40;
  • Requires a SIM Card slot;
  • Devices must be SIM Free or SIM unlocked.

For further information please contact our Customer Service team.

How can I contact your customer care department?

Who do I contact if I am having service issues or need help with my service?
Please contact your Afrimax Account Manager or request help using this form.

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