FREE Installation Offer!

Save 100% off the regular 12,000 MWK installation charge for your Afrimax CPE device when you subscribe to an Evolve or any higher value Afrimax (Unlimited) Data Plan, while offer lasts.
Choose from the enormous choice of Data Plans with Bonus, unlimited, data, and get connected now for even less. There are no alternatives, cash or otherwise, to this offer (even for customers connecting with their own device). Afrimax’s CPE Right-to-use charge, of 18,000 MWK, will still apply alongside data plan subscription charges. Applies to new connections to Data Plan Evolve and above ordered (on-line) and pre-paid in full before 31 December, 2020.
Choose Or Change Your Data Plan Here
Find a data plan that suits your usage and your budget.
Upgrade your Afrimax Data Plan to match your changing needs. Upgrade effective from your next billing date.
Make arrangements for us to move your Afrimax CPE between two locations in the Blantyre area.
Order a further Afrimax CPE and use your Data at multiple locations.