Afrimax Abolishes Access Device/CPE Sales

Removes key barrier to faster customer adoption of its Unlimited Internet Data offering

Blantyre, Malawi: 01 May 2020


Now, it’s even cheaper, and therefore easier and incredibly better value, to join Afrimax.
Customers now save the full price of Afrimax’s class-leading CPE. Simply register and pay subscription, for one month or longer, on their chosen Afrimax Unlimited Data Plan1
In addition, customers will pay the modest CPE Right-to-Use charge of 1,500 MWK per month2
With this, access Afrimax’s unique Unlimited Internet Data proposition at speeds of up to 12 Mbps3

The Details

1. New customers joining Afrimax’s class-leading 4G/LTE network no longer need to pay the price of supply and installation of expensive 4G LTE/Wi-Fi CPE;
2. Afrimax’s 4G LTE/Wi-Fi CPE will not be sold, but will be supplied and installed with payment of the modest CPE Right to Use charge of 1,500 (one thousand, five hundred) MWK per month;
3. In addition, customers will be asked to pay a Minimum Subscription Prepayment (MSP) of 60,000 (sixty thousand) MWK at the time of enrolment4;
4. The MSP will be used to prepay for customers’ choice of Afrimax Data Plan, for example:

a. 3 months on Data Plan MASTER (at 19,999 MWK per mo); or
b. 2 months on Data Plan BUSY (at 29,999 MWK per mo); or
c. 1 month on Data Plan AGILE (at 59,999 MWK per mo).

5. Customers seeking Data Plan SUPER or above will be required to simply pay for their chosen validity period, as the price of that Data Plan exceeds Afrimax’s MSP;
6. In this way, the minimum total prepayment that each new Afrimax customer must pay, for both Data Plan and CPE Right to Use subscriptions, is now 78,000 (seventy-eight thousand) MWK;
7. Alongside this offer, free installation of Afrimax CPE, along with free supply of installation materials, is also offered to new customers.

Special Conditions

8. Prepayment of MSP and CPE Right-to-Use charges, of 78,000 MWK must be made before a customer order will be accepted and before supply and Installation of CPE will be authorised;
9. All CPE and associated installation materials will remain the property of Afrimax Limited;
10. Where a customer enjoying Afrimax’s CPE Right to Use scheme is blocked on the expiration of their Data Plan subscription, and stays blocked for more than 30 consecutive days, the CPE Right to Use will end and Afrimax will recover the CPE and installation materials;
11. Where a customer has been disconnected from the Afrimax network, they will only be re-admitted on payment of a reconnection charge of 25,000 (twenty-five thousand) MWK in addition to the standard MSP of 60,000 (sixty thousand) MWK and a fresh CPE Right to Use charge, of 18,000 (eighteen thousand) MWK;
12. Afrimax’s CPE Right to Use is available to new customers who have not previously made an outright purchase of Afrimax CPE, or been connected to Afrimax’s network, at their desired installation location. Existing customers may therefore access Afrimax’s CPE Right to Use for connections at new locations.


Subject to a Minimum Subscription Payment (MSP) of 60,000 MWK including VAT and Excise Duties
To be prepaid annually in advance, so 18,000 MWK including VAT
Downlink speeds of higher than 12Mbps are available by request (Note: Uplink speeds are up to 40Mbps)
The MSP for 2-SIM Data Plans will be 100,000 (one hundred thousand) MWK plus 2 CPE Right-to-Use charges